Who We Are

Trading in a uniform for civilian clothes is never easy. And for the Warriors who don’t have support, it can be overwhelming. Based in Atlanta, The Warrior Alliance is on a mission to simplify this major life transition.

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Warrior Services

With thousands of organizations committed to serving Warriors, it can be tough knowing which ones to use. That’s why we’ve curated a catalogue of service providers – organized by category – that can support you on this journey.

Access quality healthcare providers who can assist with health and wellness needs
Explore new skills and learn how to apply existing expertise in the workplace
Secure careers that are financially and vocationally rewarding
Stay mentally sharp and physically active alongside other veterans
Get referrals to transitional housing, based upon eligibility and available housing options
Participate in meaningful volunteer opportunities and community initiatives
Understand and access the full scope of veteran benefits
Engage the entire family in the Warrior’s transition process
Obtain valuable legal advice and counsel through a team of attorneys
Learn valuable skills for managing budgets, debt management, and financial planning

How It Works

Our team of Warrior Navigators will guide you through the tough choices, helping you and your loved ones find purpose and success in this new phase of life.

  1. Create profile

    Fill out a brief intake form so we know who you are, what you’re looking for and how we can help.
  2. Meet your navigator

    A navigator will reach out to you directly to start working with you on a personalized action plan.
  3. Get connected

    We’ll connect you to the resources you need and the organizations best equipped to help you succeed.