Charlotte Gardner-Oliver

Intake Coordinator

Charlotte Gardner-Oliver joined The Warrior Alliance in January 2020 and serves as the Intake Coordinator/Navigator, where she is responsible for first-line Warrior assistance.  She has a deep passion for serving and positively affecting veterans and their families by helping them with their unmet needs, often from a spiritual perspective.

Charlotte’s passion comes from a long line of family members who served in all branches of the military. Her father served in the Army and both of her grandfathers served in the Marine Corps. Two of her great, great uncles served in the 1860’s.  Her family’s combined military service includes 140 men and women and many who are still serving.  Charlotte has over 20 years of professional office experience, ranging from Executive Administration, Events Planner, Chief of Staff, Disaster Case Manager, STL/Strike Team Lead, and Mortgage Banking.   She attended Kaplan University and received training certifications with GEMA and NIMS.

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