Army Reserve Reenlistment

The Warrior Alliance congratulates the Soldiers of the 6th Battalion Army Reserve Careers Group (ARCG) who reenlisted at the Battery Atlanta on June 10, 2023. The reenlistment ceremony was hosted by Brigadier General Jennifer Marrast Host. Well done, Soldiers, for continuing to BE ALL YOU CAN BE!

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Shevy G

I had to get around people that told me it was ok and that you are not the only person going through this. There’s nothing wrong with getting help, all of us need a little help.

Jonathan N

My whole life has transformed in the past year and a half. They gave me the hope that I was looking for and determination to say hey, yes, I can do this all over again.

Sean W

Warriors are always seeking ways to better themselves, whether it’s education, job, or financial literacy. The Warrior Alliance is that battle buddy to walk them through how to transition.

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