The Wadsworth Golf Charities Foundation Awards $50,000 to The Warrior Alliance to launch Operation Double Eagle

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, 02/10/2020 – The Warrior Alliance has announced a $50,000 grant from the Wadsworth Golf Charities Foundation (WGCF). The grant will support The Warrior Alliance’s (TWA) initial launch of its signature veteran-skills development program, Operation Double Eagle. The grant enables the program commencement for the 9-week education, training, and apprenticeship for veterans with barriers to employment.

While veteran unemployment rates have been steadily decreasing, veterans with barriers to employment experience ongoing challenges when attempting to enter the job market. To address the problem head-on, The Warrior Alliance is leveraging its collaborative model to drive skills development and employment for veterans of all eras and discharge status.

Operation Double Eagle combines certified classroom education, hands-on training at the Double Eagle Performance Center, and apprenticeships as part of a larger project to renovate and maintain the Augusta Municipal Golf Course with a trained veteran workforce. This site will establish a world-class facility for veterans to learn features construction, irrigation, turf management, horticulture, and many other aspects of course development, renovation, and maintenance.

“Augusta has a long-standing history of its commitment to veterans and is considered the mecca of golf. Operation Double Eagle combines these elements to establish the city as a hub for veteran workforce development and fill a significant employment need across the industry,” said TWA President and CEO, Scott Johnson. “The generous funding from the Wadsworth Golf Charities Foundation is testimony to their dedication to veterans and supporting the growth of the game.”

The golf industry, and related skilled labor markets, also share similar challenges in securing trained resources and a steady workforce pool capable of meeting hiring demands.  Studies show that during the next five years, 40% of the skilled labor force will retire. Further, the US Department of Labor states that over 7.6 million skilled labor jobs go unfilled every year.

“Our Foundation is very enthused to team up with The Warrior Alliance and the Operation Double Eagle Program.  The idea of utilizing golf, and the construction of golf, to help veterans develop a unique skill set is intriguing and exciting to us,” states Doug Myslinski, WGCF Director.  We are big believers that golf can be used to connect people to the natural landscape it is played on, but to be able to use the game to enhance military lives is truly fulfilling.  We look forward to supporting the Operation Double Eagle Program and seeing the rewarding results.”

Veterans are encouraged to apply to Operation Double Eagle. Visit to begin the process of participating in the program.

About the Wadsworth Golf Charities Foundation

Wadsworth Golf Charities Foundation is dedicated to improving communities through the embodiment of the moral, ethical, and cultural codes of the game of golf.  The goal of the foundation in golf, as in successful living, there is a unique emphasis on the gentle behavior of qualities of self- discipline, culture and etiquette, to conform to a higher standard of propriety and respect between human beings. Golf also embodies the qualities of charity, a lenient judgment of others and the opportunity for enriching the lives of all who connect with the game.

About The Warrior Alliance:
The Warrior Alliance (TWA) mission is to drive collaboration of veteran services that enable Warriors and their families to achieve transition success and fulfill a life of purpose within their communities. TWA serves as a “backbone” organization to connect veterans and their families to the services they need. Find out more information by visiting our website at and


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